Accessories to Swank up your look!

Accessories to Swank up your look!

1915 by Seddiqi presents latest collections




Embrace Me Collection

Embrace Me represents the eternal, indissoluble embrace that binds two people in love, reflected not only in the name of the collection , but above all in the design of the pieces, in which the brand’s traditional logo triangle icon blends almost inevitably into a circle studded with crystals: two perfect geometric figures combining to form absolute perfection. With its core Guess Jewellery positioning, these pieces are ideal for extra-sophisticated evenings with an entirely open ending.



Guess Eden Collection

Guess Eden is the natural continuation of the “Original Sin” collection from Fall Winter 2014, with which it shares the hallmark figure of the snake. In this new range, however, the snake has a much more delicate, subtle design, and the pieces come at a competitive price. What remains unchanged is the impressive sparkle of the crystal-embellished pendant. Once again, the snake, the true symbol of the original sin perpetrated by Adam and Eve, astounds with its brilliant shine and seductive power. Following the latest reptile trends in fashion – and in the GUESS World – these continuative Serpent pieces provide wearable snakes that are dangerously dazzling.guessLOLA & GRACE

London B-Girl

The ‘London B-Girl’ gives her sporty look a luxurious twist with statement sparkle pendants and an eclectic mix of high-shine bracelets. The ‘Square Solitaire’ collection with large, elegantly faceted Swarovski® crystals are an eye-catching, modern take on a jewellery classic with bold gem-coloured Swarovski® crystals that are framed with metal rope twists.




A modern reinvention of the classics, these timeless pieces inspired by the MK philosophy of creating iconic designs and offering affordable luxury should be in every woman’s jewelery box.  The jewelry collection includes essential pieces such as crystal stud earrings, big cocktail rings, link bracelets and other key statement pieces – equivalent to the ‘little black dress.’


Croco:  The crocodile, a symbol of aggression and ferocity has been reinterpreted by Wintex in a sweeter way and fashioned into a splendid braclet that is both colorful and warming.  A provocative and creative example of Wintex’s interpretive skills.



This jewelry collection is directly inspired from the French brands now recognizable designs such as the Tiger, Eye, Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.


Watches and jewellery listed are available at select 1915 by Seddiqi stores.

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