What does a Personal/Fashion Stylist do?

 what exactly a Personal /Fashion stylist do?

A very common question i’ve heard here in Dubai and a large audience has asked me directly too. I see a lot of people have shown encouragement and liked my page on Facebook ( ) but most of them are clueless on what exactly i do and how they can benefit out of it?

I’ve decided to put it down and explain a bit in detail on what and how I, Seema Adnan (Fashion & Personal Stylist) do and how i can make a difference in your life.

Over the period of a year or so, i have seen so many girls who do accept the fact that they want to work harder on their appearance, looks and style but don’t want to break their bank. They “think” its going to cost in thousands so they step back quietly without making an effort to inquiry in. I have a sincere suggestion. Let it be any service, if you like something don’t be hesitant to get all the details. Inquiry in detail about the price, location, duration and the necessary details up to how it can be worked around your schedule and budget. After you have done so, think about it before you make a decision.

You don’t need to love fashion to do fashion – or may be you do! The urge to look presentable is more than enough to give you a kick start to look like a fashionista. Here comes the role of a Fashion & Personal stylist who can guide you in developing and expressing your unique sense of style! Stepping out into the world in a wardrobe with the right look and the perfect fit can inspire you with confidence like never before. Looking your best makes a strong impression, heightens your profile, and others respond to you positively, which draws more success into your life.

As a professional fashion stylist, I will provide you with a completely personalized experience.I  begin with listening carefully to your needs and what is presently occurring in your life. Fashion styling is incredibly valuable at transition times, such as when you are embarking on a new career, seeking a promotion, entering or re-entering the workplace, or preparing for a special occasion. After discussing your goals, I then takes into account your physical attributes, lifestyle, and personal fashion preferences, in order to help you develop your signature look.

The consultation session is recommended to be at  your home.I take a sneak peak at your current closet. This helps me determine what clothes are outdated or ill-fitting and whether some garments can be updated for the style or season with strategically added layering pieces, accessories, etc.

You will enjoy working closely with me . I am very much engaged, patient and fun to spend time with ( at least this is what i have heard form my clients :)). With the event invites, working with the brands, traveling, a regular shopping spree with clients and a hobby; it allows me to make the most fashion-forward recommendations to you, regarding tomorrow’s trends as well as classic couture.

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You will discover that Sparklewithseemz fashion stylist service pays for itself by creating a new level of self-confidence which invites greater personal and professional success. Plus, it means no more money wasted buying clothes that don’t fit and  you will never have a bad look for any day in your life!

Seema Adnan – Personal & Fashion Style Consultant.

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