Interview post testimonial – Veathika Jain

Chandni Lahoti interviewed Veathika Jain to do her blog about her makeover with Seema Adnan, Stylist – Sparklewithseemz

1. What do you usually wear to work?

VJ: Being in Media and the creative industry that I work in, it does
allow creativity in dressing up as well. I usually wear dresses to
work and sometimes trousers and a formal blouse or shirt. When I dont
have meetings I wear jeans and shorts as well though with a workable

2. What’s style according to you and what are you adding to yours
after this makeover experience?

VJ: style for me is comfort and knowing what suits my body and
personality. Style is very personal and for me I do like to look nice
but not at the cost of being uncomfortable. After this makeover I do
realize the importance of accessories and the right ones at that.
Adding that little next piece or the right bag can make a huge

3. How did the whole makeover experience make you feel?

VJ: The experience made me feel like a DIVA. I didn’t have to think how
I would look a sthe minute Seema showed me the outfits, it seemed like
they were perfect. Makeover like this made me feel I could look very
stylish and fashionable as well.

4. Did this makeover make you explore a colour-territory you had never
been in? If yes, what was the rendezvous with new colours felt like?

VJ: I like all colours usually, however the orange/brown coloured dress
that Seema made me wear actually made me see that the colour
complements my skin tone. I dont have anything of that colour in my
wardrobe and now aim to buy something in it.


Interview by Chandni Lahoti

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