I’ve been wanting (needing) to hire a stylist forever. I am a working mom with twin toddlers and my brain never thinks trendy only practical. When I saw Seema’s post on Marina Mum’s I messaged her and asked for an appointment immediately (afraid that I would back out). Seema was very quick in responding and accommodating with my schedule.

My consultation was very detailed and Seema immediately made me start thinking creatively. We set up a shopping date for the next night and established goals on budget and purchases (one casual outfit and one for a night out) complete with trendy heels.

The shopping experience–I was so excited and a bit apprehensive. I wanted to really find clothes that pushed my limits. We found a great (and extremely affordable) casual outfit. I would have never picked it out but I wore it the next day and absolutely love it. It is perfect for my body type. With Seema’s help, I learned that I don’t dress appropriately for my body type and Seema showed me ways to highlight my good parts and camouflage my not so good attributes. She was so helpful. She would show me a shirt and then ask me to pair it with bottoms. If the pairing was good she would accessorize and if it was terrible she would tell me why. In the few hours we had, I learned a lot and now I can shop better for myself. We found two outfits for the night out. One really pushed my boundaries and one was more “safe” but still very trendy with perfect heels. I decided to play it safe because I was afraid I would not wear the daring outfit again. Seema really listened to my body language and though Seema and the sales girls at the store LOVED the daring outfit, Seema didn’t push me to buy it.

For the pricing, Seema is wonderful at knowing which stores have the sales, the affordable accessories, etc. I was able to buy two outfits from head to toe, 2 trendy casual shirts & accessories for under AED 800! I received a lot of compliments and people really noticed the change in my style.

I was so happy with my experience; I have already confirmed an appointment for my good friend and booked a shopping trip for October!

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