Makeover: Nickie M Houston

Makeover: Nickie M Houston

  • Nickie M Houston

1st shot on the left which was at the consultation.With a detail discussion and advise she decided to go for our package of “Shopping Spree”.

The picture in the center is a casual dress down. The best part about this look is that, it costed us less than 100 AED! Yes you read it right! A top, tights & necklace were from from forever21. We found a pair of sandals from her closet and it goes JUST Perfectly well with the look.The vertical line makes her look taller and with the color blocking, she appears to be a size smaller than she is. Over all, Doesn’t she look very smart & trendy?

3rd pic (on the right) is a great transformation of her from the 1st picture as you can see. We bought a perfect teal color, knee length dress . The color goes perfectly well with her skin tone and brings out her eye color. The achievement of getting her to wear just a perfect 1/2inch heel in bright burgundy with a matching clutch. The color of the heels elevate the color of the dress. She looks SUPER Sexy and Versatile.